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No one is born a misogynist.  It is a culturally reinforced system of beliefs and behavior.  It can be changed.  It can be unlearned.  But we need to use every opportunity we are given to combat it.  No fight is too small.  Every little joke and comment feeds into the larger problem.  Show up and push back.  It can be done.

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10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace

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Hmm my grandfather “can’t remember” where he was on the night of September 7th 1996, the night tupac was shot. I’m kind of suspicious tbh

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Woman Photographs Herself Receiving Strange Looks in Public

“I now reverse the gaze and record their reactions to me while I perform mundane tasks in public spaces. I seek out spaces that are visually interesting and geographically diverse. I try to place myself in compositions that contain feminine icons or advertisements. Otherwise, I position myself and the camera in a pool of people…and wait.

The images capture the gazer in a microsecond moment where they, for unknowable reasons, have a look on their face that questions my presence. Whether they are questioning my position in front of the lens or questioning my body size, the gazer appears to be visually troubled that I am in front of them.”

Photographer: Haley Morris-Cafiero

Project: Wait Watchers 


Thought this was actually really cool and I’d share it with you guys! Takes a lot to get up there and do something like this. Love it!

this is such a fucking important project to me because i am constantly stared at in public in a negative way and turned into some disgusting object for the amusement of others and this is a peaceful way to confront those people

turning the spectators into the spectacle

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taking a break and playing in the light

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when Jews attempt to liberate themselves in the United States, it is not a function of white privilege that they are met with resistance from neo-Nazis, white moderates (who would prefer Jews stay silent than achieve justice), racialized violence, etc.

and it absolutely does…


some drag queens are a much better influence in young girls than some teen queen pop stars out there.

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